Purchase Orders

Lending library can be used to create and track receipt of purchase orders. Item details are entered into the ordering system and as part of a purchase order. The purchase order then emailed to the supplier. When the items arrive they are recorded as having been received and can then be copied into the catalogue. In this way basic catalogue data is only entered once. More data can be added once the items are in the catalogue.

List purchase orders

1.      Choose Orders
The table will list all orders. You can locate a partular order by searching for the order number
2.      Tap "Create" to add a new order
3.      Tap in a row to display an exsiting record

Order header

The order header record contains:
Order number: which defaults to the record number but you can use any other format you wish
Deliver to: This data is taken from the library table (see management)
Status: starts as ORD then automatically changes as the order progresses
Notes: any notes to the supplier
Date: automatically entered
4.      Tap create to create the order header record
5.      The order header will now appear in the orders list.

Order items

1.  tap on the order head in the order list
2.  tap items
3.  tap create for a new item
4.  Enter as much bibliographic details as you wish:
5.  Enter a budget (you must have entered at least one budget, usually library - see management)
6.  Add quantity: ( number of copies of the item)
7.  Unit price:
8.  Any postage costs:
9.  Any additional charges:
10. Any discount available:
11. Any detail about who requested the item
12. Any notes to the supplier
13. The barcode field is activated when the item is received
14. The received field is activated when the item is received

Order receipt

1.  tap on the order head in the order list
2.  tap on each item on the order to receipt it
3.  tap the receipt button and a popup dialog will appear with a suggestion for a barcode.
If you leave this field blank the item will not be copied to the catalogue.
If you do enter a barcode the biblioraphic details will be added to a new record in the catalogue
(which you can add to later) and the order item receipt field will be incremented by one and the barcode
added to the barcode field for reference