1.    Choose menu option 'Members'

If the members table is empty a message at the bottom of screen will say: "No records"

2.  For a new Membership record tap "Create"

The membership record is split over 2 screens: Basic, Advanced
The basic screen contains basic information about the person and maybe all you need.
Each member  can have a photograph attached.

Add all the information you require onto the screen , but as a minimum the member must have a surname.

3.  Take a photograph - Optional.

Tap on the blank image a new screen appears. Tap on "Choose Image". This will open up the device's camera  feature. Take a photo and tap "Use Image" or "retake". If you choose to use the image the software will revert back to the previous page and you can then save it. The image now appears in the membership record.

Each image is assigned a unique ID that appears in the "Image" file. It cannot be changed.
Other information on the form is obvious.
4.  If you wish to lend items and send overdue letters through the post add at least one address.

5.  Save the record
The record can only be saved from the basic screen. When you have saved the record it will appear in the table, at the top of the list, because the list is sorted by ID number descending.

Some fields on the form are under the control of Authority files. For example "Category". The App comes pre-configured with popular author names and you cannot enter an author name unless it's already in the authority file. Type a few characters then "Enter" and a PickerView will appear populated with close matches. Choose the author you wish and tap "Done". The author will appear in "Author" field

The "Basic" is used to create a minimal catalogue record which will be sufficient for the needs of most libraries. If you require more advanced information tap on the "Advanced" icon.

The "Lending" section would only be needed if you wish to lend items in the library. Most fields are updated by the circulation system.

If you wish to lend items then each item is identified by the entry in the "Barcode" field. You can use your own barcode numbering scheme but if you leave the field empty the app will automatically copy the record "ID" to the barcode field.