Journals are part of the main catalogue with a media type "Journal" and can be dealt with in the same way as any other item. However journals have an additional feature that allows you to log the arrival of individual issues.

1.   Choose Manage/Journals
    The table will list all journals in the catalogue
2.   Tap "Create" to add a new journal
3.   Tap in a row to display the full record

From here you can check-in a new issue and add it to the journal log

1.   Tap "Check-in"
If this is the first check-in for this journal most fields will be blank. Journals can have a barcoded ISSN but most do not and there is no standard for specifying a delivery sequence. Some journals use a volume and issue number others just a single issue number that increases by one. Others may have a quarter, monthly or weekly number. You can choose any of these options when
checking in the first record. Once you have decided on the sequence for the first record tap "Add".

On subsequent arrivals the numbers will increase by one and be pre loaded into the fields to minimise typing.