Lending Library is a fully featured library management system designed to cater for a wide variety of libraries and businesses that lend items to customers.

The software is completely stand alone and does not require any internet access. Data is stored locally on the device securely using the industry standard database SqlLite.

The software has been designed with schools and colleges in mind, either small or large, single site or multi-site, but is equallysuited to any commercial or private library. All operations are chosen from a menu. Each menu choice accesses a different part of the database.

The software is downloaded from the Apple Store and can run on an Iphone or Ipad

What does Lending Library Offer

At its simplest Lending Library can be just a library/stock catalogue. All the other features can be incorporated at a later date. To get started with a simple library catalogue you will have to decide how best to get the catalogue built. The task of keying the details of your library collection from scratch can be daunting. Ask yourself if you have any computer records which contain details of your collection. Maybe they have been recorded onto a spread sheet. 

Lending Library can import spreadsheet files in CSV format into both the catalogue and
membership tables (see documentation for details). If you have any kind other kind of computer record let us know and we will attempt to upload the data into Lending Library for you.

Alternatively you can sign up to WORLDCAT. Worldcat has records of every book ever printed in MARC format. We have special software that will download catalogue records from the Worldcat database. This software comes in two parts. The first captures ISBNs that you either key in manually or scan with a barcode reader. Once you have created a file of ISBNs' the second part of the software downloads MARC records from Worldcat and streams them into Lending Library.

Building your library in this way creates a fully featured search facility very quickly.

For equipment lending services, toy libraries and other applications you can create your stock catalogue "on the fly". You simply enter each stock record and membership details when an item is to be loaned.

User Interface

The user interface will be familiar to anyone who has used an Iphone or Ipad . Lending Library works on either but because of the richness of the application and the way it handles data an Ipad with a larger screen is ideal but the software will equally work on an Iphone. IOS versions from 9.3 onwards are compatible.